14″, 40 pines WXGA B140XW03 V.0 B140XTN02.0 B140XTN02 N140B6-L06 N140B6-L24 M140NWR1 B140XW02 LP140WH2H B140WX1-300 LP140WH2 TL F1 Lenovo T430 Sony Vaio SVE141D11L Sony Vaio SVE141D11U Bangho Max 1428 Bangho Max G01 Ultrabook Exo C147 Ultrabook Exo C146 Ultrabook Exo Nifty N5185 Ultrabook Exo X300v Ultrabook Exo Nifty X400T Positivo BGH Z100 Positivo BGH Z101 Positivo BGH Z102 Positivo BGH Z103 Positivo BGH F810


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